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Welcome to Orange Club by JaffaBranding.

Are you a beginner or intermediate graphic designer who:

  • Cannot get clients.
  • Is struggling to learn brand identity and the process.
  • Doesn't know how to grow a Twitter audience or write content to get clients.

Then this course is for you my friend.

I understand it is difficult being a freelance graphic designer online.

Isn’t it interesting that there are thousands of clients out there online and so much money out to be earned, yet you are still struggling to get clients and make money online?

Don't worry, I’ve been there...

What this course IS NOT:

This course is NOT how to become an overnight success...

This course is NOT a tutorial on how to use Photoshop and Illustrator.

This course is NOT for those who don't want to put the hard work in.

I want to put you on the right path and make you understand that you can make an income online as a freelance graphic designer.

  • I bet nobody ever told you that Twitter content creation brings in clients.

  • I bet nobody ever told you that profile optimization makes a potential client judge your authenticity in just under 2 seconds.

  • I bet nobody ever told you that you have a set of responsibilities that you must follow to become a successful graphic designer.

Well, the answer is simple. I am here to tell you.

In this course I will teach you 17 lessons:

  1. The mindset required to become a freelance graphic designer.
  2. Your responsibilities as a designer.
  3. How to build a Twitter audience.
  4. How to Ghostwrite content on Twitter to get clients.
  5. How to optimise your Twitter profile.
  6. The 3 ways to get clients.
  7. A high ticket offer vs a low ticket offer.
  8. What is a logo?
  9. Understanding your client.
  10. Idea generation.
  11. A brand is not just a logo.
  12. A symbol vs a logotype.
  13. Photoshop vs illustrator for logo design.
  14. Pricing and contracts.
  15. Choosing a typeface.
  16. Reviewing your personal logos that you sent in.
  17. Bonus lesson, the brand presentation.

I know you are passionate about graphic design and freelancing.

Understand quickly that it is a high income skill that 99% of people don't have.

Realise this and never look back or doubt yourself.

And if you want to learn the process:

I’m waiting for you inside Orange Club.

Happy freelancing, designers!

Your friend, Joe.

I want this!

17 individual video lessons adding up to 1 hour 43 minutes of learning + access to my Private Orange Club Network.


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21 ratings
I want this!